Maharashtra Shikshanganga

Movement of Changemakers For Reducing Educational Inequality & Providing Excellent Education For All.

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Alumni Educators  Contributing For Society (2020 Cohort) 
Educators of 2021-22 Cohort 
Students Benifiting For Getting Excellent Education
Why Shikshanganga Movement?

1) Students from near about 72000 schools across Maharashtra are badly struggling with getting Equal & Quality Education

2) Lack of Social & Emotional Skill-based learnings

3) Lack of Teacher Availability

4) Teacher Training Requirement

5) Less Access to Learning and Resources

6) Lack of Awareness About Education

7) Social Gaps in the Development of Students

8) Language & Cultural barriers in Learning

9) Need for Community Empowerment

Theory of Change
Theory Of Change .

At Shikshanganga, we believe that educational equity can be brought about, by providing

excellent education, along with working on the socio-emotional development of every

student in India.

Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission

To provide modern and excellent education to all students in India and empower them

Socially and Emotionally.

Area of Impact SG
Area of Impact -
(School Transformation)
1) Rural Education
2) Slum Education
3) Tribal Education

#Disocover Culture

The Selfless Family 

Congregations of all ages from 29 districts across Maharashtra and outside the state are coming together to form a cohesive family culture, working for the integrated development of students and building the country through leadership, co-operation and character building.

Impact Model

The Shikshanganga Foundation is of the view that if the youth power is diverted in the right direction, then the youth of India can make a great contribution to the country as the representatives of the country for the betterment of the country.

Featuring the following traits for all ages

1) Teaching Passion

2) Compassion and empathy

3) Leadership

4) Excellent character

 Shikshanganga has  an impact model for selecting young people with the above characteristics and train them for being sustainable  solutions to the educational issues at the grassroots level.

For this, Shikshanganga is working on the following models.

1) Virtual Learning Center / School Intervention

2) Slum level community center

3) School Class Intervention

4) Fellowship Model (Tribal Areas)

Impact Model_ Shikshanganga


Celebrations & Events

1 May 2021 

Foundation Day Festival

All the Shikshanganga mentors and management committee came together and celebrated the annual festival and vowed to make the coming year even more exciting.

Diwali The Festival Of Light.

13 November 2021

Shikshanganga believes in the integrated development of students through joyful learning and additional learning opportunities.

In order to boost the creativity of the students, the 8-day festival was organized for the students, various competitions and workshops were organized for the students.

21 November 2021

Community Work & Outreach Management Event

For the first time, the mentors of Shikshan Ganga in Pune city area came together and learned from each other and celebrated this ritual as a festival.

Shikshanganga Supporter
#Supporters & Well wishers. 
Following Organizations Are  Supporter For Shikshanganga

1)Teach For India



4)Digital Impact Square (TCS Initiative)

5)We Care Social Foundation

Shikshanganga Alumni Movement-min
#Alumni Support

All kinds of resources and help networks are available to all former mentors.

They should use it from time to time.

Shikshanganga provides special assistance for the establishment and management of non-profit organizations.

Other additional career opportunities may soon be available from the organization.


About Founder

Samrat Pawar

Mr. Samrat Pawar

Founder & Executive Director

Mr. Samrat grew up in Pune city of Maharashtra, he worked with Social -Workers and youths across Maharashtra for building a nationwide development movement to provide quality education to children from rural, urban slum & tribal communities with the kind of education which can develop good character as well as excellence in the field of academic learning for all the students.

He founded ‘Shikshanganga Foundation’ for this with the help of Teach For India

Today, Shikshanganga served 500+ children through their Academic learning as well as Socio-Emotional Development at Virtual Learning Centers ( after-school centers)& School Collaborations in Maharashtra.


In 2020, Samrat founded ‘Shikshanganga’ as the Be The Change Project in Teach For India Fellowship, with a great vision of eliminating Grassroot educational inequality in Maharashtra

Today, Shikshanganga directly impacts approximately 500+ children across 29 cities in Maharashtra State.

. Samrat has also Started projects like the Sanskar-Abhyasvarga, which addresses educational upliftment in the Slum region, creating platforms for community development & Student learning.

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